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Mar 5, 2021
I hiked up the Thunder Mountain Trail starting at the 7 Mile trail head. Transitioned to touring ~1 mile in. Snow obscured the trail, and I had to rely on GPS and the flagging for much of the ascent.  [ Read More ]
Feb 9, 2021
Looked up coming out of Mt Roberts trailhead and saw an impressive powder cloud with loose snow pouring off the falls. Most snow stayed airborne with high winds ongoing (sustained 13 m/s = 30 mph winds at nearby tram station). Very little debris left behind at the bottom of the path. Powder cloud hit the  [ Read More ]
Jan 26, 2021
Sitting on my couch…I observed. No pit necessary.  [ Read More ]
CBJ Urban Avalanche Crew took advantage of the break in the weather to do observations on Mt. Juneau. We flew from the airport and took a close look at Mt. Juneau’s W-SE facing urban avalanche paths, as well as the North facing bowls above Salmon Creek. Most notably there has been a large avalanche cycle  [ Read More ]
Jan 21, 2021
Thunder Mountain trail. Snowshoes useful for the last couple hundred feet. Spikes were necessary for the final windswept step to the top.  [ Read More ]
Small debris pile at bottom of drainage crossing the Perseverance Trail < 0.1 mile from trailhead. Part mudslide, part avalanche debris spanning approximately 30′ and up to 4′ high. Debris did not make it to Basin Road. Wet slide witnessed on SW face of Mt. Juneau, above the newly reconstructed Flume Trail, once I returned  [ Read More ]
Observation of avalanche in Snowslide creek above Thane Road.  [ Read More ]
Nov 10, 2020
Flight between Speel Arm, Snettisham and Juneau. Observed minimal recent natural avalanches throughout mountain south of Taku Inlet as well as mainland town and Douglas Island. With this exception on the north ridge of Hawthorne Peak  [ Read More ]
Just up the trail and back. Icefall hazards with wind blowing chunks off the trees! Helmet advised… Also it should be noted that many trees in the area have fallen from the November 1st ice pellet storm so the possibility of one coming down on the trail while you are hiking is real! At the  [ Read More ]
Apr 1, 2020