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Apr 30, 2023
from Basin Road large avalanche came down snow slide gulch, maybe overnight or yesterday during the heat of the day.  [ Read More ]
Walking along Basin Road towards Perseverance Trailhead. Approximately 100m from trailhead, heard avalanche to north from Mt. Juneau Ridge area. Could not see avalanche activity. Low visibility and fog may have been a factor or lack of direct line of sight to avalanche. Avalanche loud and readily audible for 10+ seconds with a quieter and  [ Read More ]
Jan 29, 2023
Took the winter route up to the summit of McGinnis today. The snow was very solid (thick crust meant no post-holing!) and showed no signs of current instability. The summit was crazy icy and there were runnels everywhere! No time for a pit today, but we saw several recent wet-loose avalanches on the SE aspect,  [ Read More ]
Jan 28, 2023
Viewed from Savikko Park and Treadwell, Douglas Island. Multiple avalanches and fractures are visible between the vegetation line and the peak of Mount Roberts, with ~SW aspect, including a fairly large slab that broke off just below the SSE ridgeline and with evidence of resulting avalanche activity down to the top of the vegetation line.  [ Read More ]
Dug a pit at the cross on Gastineau to a depth of 1m from surface. Elevation: 2,000′, Aspect: 260°, Dip: 20°.  [ Read More ]
A flight on Saturday the 28th found widespread avalanche crown lines and debris on north and west aspects of the Juneau Front Range. See photos.  [ Read More ]
Viewed from wetlands. Widespread avalanche activity in N-NW aspects of Blackerby and Juneau ridges.  [ Read More ]
Booted up the bobsled track that is Mt. Roberts trail with logging boots before switching to ski crampons. Followed the highpoints of the ridge and observed the formation of sun crusts developing on the more westerly aspects, dry and dense windslabs on the NNW aspects and some melted sastrugi that I couldn’t get traction on.  [ Read More ]
Jan 10, 2023
A deep crown was observed on the headwall of Icy Gulch. Date of release unknown.  [ Read More ]