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Feb 29, 2024
Went looking for low-angle slopes where we wouldn’t feel the firm layer below the new light snow. This area seems thin this year, including below treeline on the approach, and at ridgetop where the winds have been stripping the snow and in some cases the ground is showing. The skier’s left side of the bowl  [ Read More ]
Feb 28, 2024
I was on a lunch run up the Roberts trail and I heard a pretty good roar coming down Mt Juneau. Through the trees I could see a bunch of snow coming down sunshine gulley and a powder blast going across basin road. Looked like the avalanche stopped before the perseverance trail, but was quite  [ Read More ]
Jan 22, 2024
We are at the end of Coleman/Judy ln and witnessed a small avalanche. It was quiet and quick. Here is a poem I wrote for the occasion: In Juneau’s Highlands, under midday’s gray veil, Where snow already lay, a foot deep without fail, A small avalanche, quiet and benign, Added just under an inch, in  [ Read More ]
Jan 18, 2024
Two slides occurred overnight. The first(and largest)slide occurred at appx 12:20am and left about 1” of snow on our Glacier Ave driveway. The second slide at appx 12:40 did not produce a cloud of snow at our house.  [ Read More ]
I Heard a loud bang and felt a rolling rumble. Looking out our windows we could see heavy snow mist. Snow clinging to the surfaces of our house and cars facing Juneau mountain. The fall deposited about two inches of snow on the ground covering the end of our street and our 3 car driveway.  [ Read More ]
Jan 16, 2024
Video posted on Facebook. Crown line is in top left of path looking up from bottom. Smaller crown about 1/2 way down path. Powder cloud reached the Channel. Estimate crown depth 2 feet plus.  [ Read More ]
It looked to fall behind cope park. Possibly the 3rd or 4th chute from the “front” of MtJuneau.  [ Read More ]
With the low ambient temperatures, inquiring minds were looking for facet formation in the snowpack. At this elevation 40 cm is the total depth. Higher elevations measure much more snow, (up to 220 cm on Troy). A fragile layer 10 cm down broke easily, 3 taps, sluffing the stale powder and facets which would be  [ Read More ]
Jan 6, 2024
McGinnis via winter route. Sun. Dry pow. Hoots and hollers.  [ Read More ]
Apr 30, 2023
from Basin Road large avalanche came down snow slide gulch, maybe overnight or yesterday during the heat of the day.  [ Read More ]