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Jan 27, 2022
Hiked up following Little Sheep Creek until I reached ~1,300 feet. I transitioned to splitboarding, continuing to follow the creek until I reached 1,700 feet. Then I crossed the creek and ascended towards “Marmot Meadows” until I reached ~2,500 feet. My decent route followed the summer trail to West Peak until I reached the road.  [ Read More ]
Aerial photos of Sunshine Gully avalanche debris and landslide to add to Kanaan Bausler’s observation. Photo credit: George Schaaf  [ Read More ]
Both entrances to Perseverance Trail look to have been hit by avalanche and landslide. Very large (guessing Relative scale 4 Destructive scale 3) avalanche came down the Sunshine path (where the Mt Juneau trail zigzags the alpine). This avalanche may have been what triggered the landslide at the end of Basin Road, blocking off the  [ Read More ]
Avalanching quite frequently and now can see where there are also mud slides along the sides of the snowy chutes. Does anyone monitor the risks of a big mud slide or avalanche coming down here?  [ Read More ]
Jan 21, 2022
Neighbors are reporting an avalanche above the Highland / Behrends area in the last 30 minutes.  [ Read More ]
Rumble lasted about 10 seconds. Couldn’t see because of low clouds so used sound @ 4400 block of Kanata for location. Not uncommon but not one of the large cornices to the south that can rumble much longer.  [ Read More ]
Dec 20, 2021
ROUTE: Ascended the summer trail starting at the 7-mile trailhead. Skinned the ridge before descending down towards the East Glacier loop. It is possible to ski all the way to East Glacier if you are comfortable skiing in dense trees. Be careful to avoid the cliffs on Thunder Mountain. Consider a different descent route then  [ Read More ]
Nov 1, 2021
Hiked up the Granite Creek basin trail to 2,600, just beginning to ascend the start of the spur up to Juneau ridge. Snow was present as soon as the trail enters the alpine meadows. Above ~2,000’ I measured 10-15 centimeters of snow. There was a ~3 cm melt crust. On sunny aspects this wasn’t present.  [ Read More ]
Oct 31, 2021
Went up McGinnis winter route in shoes today. The snowline was at approximately tree line. Travel conditions were good overall, rarely sunk in past ankle deep and didn’t need microspikes except for at the very top. Soft snow going up to the ridge, would be decent skiing, might crust overnight though. From the ridge up  [ Read More ]
Apr 16, 2021
Viewed from Douglas Island.  [ Read More ]