2023-24 CAAC Scholarships


The Matt Brakel Scholarship is open to all applicants.

The Kat Winchell Scholarship is open to only female applicants.

The Diverse Backgrounds Scholarship is open to applicants who do not identify racially as caucasian. The Diverse Backgrounds Scholarship may also reimburse equipment that is needed for your avalanche education course.

Applicants must be Alaskan residents of the Southeast Region (Yakutat to Ketchikan).

Applicants must register for an avalanche education course in the 2023-2024 season. All levels of avalanche education courses are eligible.

When to apply

Apply before December 31, 2023.

How to apply

  1. Book a spot in an avalanche education course that you want to take. Note cost of the course. We recommend the Alaska Avalanche School and Mountain Edventures as course providers.
  2. Submit your application here.


When applying for the scholarship provide CAAC with the following:

Which scholarship are you applying for (Matt Brakel, Kat Winchell, Diverse Backgrounds), see eligibility requirements above.

Name, age, and telephone number

Which avalanche education course have you registered for? Who is the course provider? What is the cost?

Provide responses to these essay questions:

  • Why did you want to take an avalanche course?
  • What do you plan to do with the skills you learned in your course?
  • Why are you applying for a scholarship?

Please limit answers to less than 300 words for each question.

Please also include a description of any non-CAAC sources of financial assistance sought or received by the applicant.

Applicants for the Diverse Backgrounds Scholarship may choose to include a list of equipment that was purchased this season. Add a description of the equipment, where it was purchased, and the cost of each item. Alternatively, include a list of items you still need in order to take an avalanche course. The scholarship committee will choose which items from your list may be covered.

Following the course, provide CAAC with the following:

  • A course diploma or documentation showing the completion of the course when it is available from the course provider.
  • A letter of appreciation that CAAC can forward to the scholarship donors.

For questions about eligibility or the application process, email