Observation: Douglas Island

Location: Troy

Route & General Observations

Took the standard skintrack up Troy from Eaglecrest. We split into two groups to dig pits mid way up the skintrack from the transition meadow.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Wind, new snow, and rising temperatures

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clouds up top, winds increasing to 15mph later in the day, with varying wind direction. Snowing and maybe 25 degrees at the summit.

Snow surface

~6 inches of soft new snow from this weekend with variable wind affect and ice crust that wasn't very buried on knobs, wind scoured areas, and steeper slopes. Snow density varied greatly depending on amount of wind affect.


The snow seemed generally to be consolidating due do the recent wind and increase in temperature, although we found very soft, unconsolidated snow in wind sheltered areas.

Group 1: ECT N13 15cm down with an irregular interface/fracture between the wind deposited snow on top and softer snow below. Further taps yielded no additional results.
Snow depth: 120cm
Angle: 30
West facing at 2600’

Group 2: Jumped on several test slopes. No action.
Mid Troy ~2600' West aspect. Heavy fresh snow.
Angle around 35
Snow depth 75cm
ECT P23 Q2 below the crust. (About 20 cm down big honkin facets)
Also Isolated an ECT just down to the crust. That also propagated just above the crust at 19.

Voluntary stability testers skied some steeper lines up to around 40 degrees. No action either.