Avalanche: Douglas Island

Location: Troy

Route & General Observations

Small hill section to climbers left of summit of Troy on the skin track

Avalanche Details
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Trigger SkierAvalanche Type Unknown
Aspect NorthwestElevationunknown
Slope AngleunknownCrown Depth 3in
Width 50ftVertical Run 100ft
Near Miss / Accident Details
Avalanche Details

Made a ski cut on a slope, to assess the slope and it triggered a small wind slab to slide. I didn't measure the slide, but it looked to be approximately 50ft wide by 100ft long. The crown wasn't very deep, and just looked to pull down the new snow that was on top of the old snow.

Events of the day

The snow pack looked good, with no signs of instability. I did an earlier lap, and despite skiing some sections that I thought might have wind slabs, saw no instability, so decided to make a cut at the top of the hill to see if it was viable, and the slab triggered.

Rescue events

None, I made a ski cut and skied out.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No observed recent avalanches. There were roller balls observed on Friday afternoon, but today I saw no signs of instability on earlier laps.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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New snow approximately 12 hours prior. Wind was present and could be seen carrying snow.

Snow surface

Wind slab

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