Avalanche: Douglas Island

Location: S.F.B. Chute (Hogsback)

Route & General Observations

Toured to Hogsback via Pittman’s Ridge. No signs of recent avalanche activity visible and no whomping or cracking during the tour. Entering S.F.B. Chute recently deposited soft wind slab broke below me causing me to self arrest until the avalanche stopped. The new layer was incredibly reactive given the right slope angle and complacency was the trigger. No injuries and no one was caught. Stay off of steep slopes until the rain crust gets destroyed.

Avalanche Details
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Trigger SkierAvalanche Type Soft Slab
Aspect East SoutheastElevation 2400ft
Slope Angle 50degCrown Depth 10in
Width 25ftVertical Run 900ft
Near Miss / Accident Details
Avalanche Details

Reactivate windslab triggered 30ft down S.F.B. chute on Hogsback Ridge. Slab broke immediately upon exiting the rime above me on the second convexity. I was able to lock my edges in and self arrest but the slide could have pummeled someone. Avy debris was soft and was only a foot deep but it would have been enough to sweep someone off their feet once it picked up steam.

Events of the day

Complacency was the culprit of this slide. I should have made a better decision on where to tour but a combination of my current mindset and goals allowed me to make this poor decision. I wasn't caught but after skiing down the rain crust leftover I would strongly urge people to cool it with the slope angle until the rain crust gets destroyed.

Rescue events

No injuries and no rescue required

Photos & Video
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