Observation: Juneau Mainland

Location: Mt Roberts tram weather station

Route & General Observations

Just up the trail and back. Icefall hazards with wind blowing chunks off the trees! Helmet advised…
Also it should be noted that many trees in the area have fallen from the November 1st ice pellet storm so the possibility of one coming down on the trail while you are hiking is real!

At the weather station, total snowpack is 17cm with three major layers. 7 cm of loose faceting powder on the surface. 3 cm of very dense, knife hard, nearly impenetrable ice crust from the ice pellet storm on November 1st. And below that layer we have 2 cm of finger-hard facets above another 5 cm containing a melt-freeze crust sandwich on the ground with a 1 cm layer of well-developed facets in between the two crusts.

All in all it’s a decent base to start the season with. Hoping that the alders get buried with snow before the next rain since they are all weighed down with ice right now.

Photos & Video
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