Observation: Douglas Island

Location: Middle East, Eaglecrest

Route & General Observations

Went up above black bear chair to see if the crust layer was +\- reactive after cold snap. Found alternating stiff wind board and ice skim covered powder surfaces. Walking in the thin crusted snow, I would punch through and my boots slid on the sturdy crust. Comical.

Dug on a north-facing 37 degree slope w wind skim surface at around 2700 feet.

ECT 0/0 @30cm. Attempted 2 extended columns: Block popped while isolating both times. Top 20 cm was loose slab (w layering I did not investigate) then el crust. Block slid on <1/4 cm facet layer below the crust. Snow was just under 90cm deep. Below crust melt forms seemed solid down to heather.

I am new at this kind of reporting so any feedback welcome.

Photos & Video
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