Observation: Juneau Mainland

Location: Lemon Glacier

Route & General Observations

Spent the weekend on Lemon Glacier.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
Please provide details to help us determine the weather and snowpack during the time this observation took place.

Dynamic visibility- bluebird to ping pong ball white out.
Winds ranged from calm to 10-15. Saturday's tracks high on Observation peak were covered by wind transport by Sunday morning.
Temps were roasting in the sun, but still below freezing in the shade.

Snow surface

Snow from Friday remained high quality skiing where it hadn't gotten scoured.
We did not explore sun-baked south facing aspects.


We did not observe snowpack instability.

We dug to 135cm on a NW aspect below Observation:
5cm of fluff on top of consistent windboard to the bottom of the pit
ECT13 broken on new snow 5 cm down, no results on the windboard below in ECT or CT.

We also dug to 110cm on a NE aspect below Cairn, finding more buried crusts here than on Observation but again, no propagating layers.
CT 13 @20cm on new snow interface
CT 26 @35cm on a pencil-hard crust

Photos & Video
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