Observation: Douglas Island

Location: Fish Creek Knob

Route & General Observations

We started up the skin track from EC upper parking lot at around 9:50am. The bottom 1/4 of the skin track is in poor condition with moss, large roots, rocks and ice to navigate. We broke into the bowl at ~11:00am and got a little bit of sun, beautiful. We started up bunny toe pass, but the snow quality for skiing was poor so we turned around and decided to find a good place for a snow pit. We picked a place on south side of FCK and both dug pits. Skied down from there- very difficult turns on the way down and we did multiple transitions skiing/hiking. Took us an extra half an hour to get down compared to last weekend.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Weather was 28 to 30 F with no wind. Good visibility.

Snow surface

Solid crust once into the bowl- hard enough to walk on in places in ski boots.


Dug a pit on top of a hill near FCK (58.2740,-134.5397) about 37 degree slope angle. Did a compression test (CT) with a Q3 result at 15 taps. While I saw a small result I had to work a bit to pull the column off after the test was complete. It was on top of a hard crust at about 70cm, my touring partner reported a similar layer in her pit, but did not get any results. Did not do an ECT. We had similar profile results regarding layers.

Photos & Video
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