Avalanche: Douglas Island

Location: FCK Boulder Chute

Route & General Observations

Route up from porcupine lift to wedding bowl and around to FCK boulder chute.

Pit at 2245 and 29 degrees
CT 20 at 80 cm
ECTN on 28 at 35 cm

Multiple ice layers, but no propagation in pit or stability tests. New snow was poorly bonded and easy to ski tigger loose dry avalanches. Not a problem today, but could be tomorrow !!

Avalanche Details
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Trigger SkierAvalanche Type Dry Loose Snow
Aspect North NortheastElevation 2200ft
Slope Angle 29degCrown Depth 4in
Width 30ftVertical Run 20ft
Avalanche Details

Small avalanche within new snow at 4" with propagation, proper pit was CT 20 at 80 cm. No skiers were even taken off their feet, but it was a warning sign for the new snow piling up.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Heavy snow

Snow surface

New snow 4". Not well bonded


CT 20 at 80 cm
ECTN on 28 at 35 cm
Notable ice layers, no propagation

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