Observation: Douglas Island

Location: False Troy

Route & General Observations

Main line off of false Troy before cliff band. Light snow on the way up and barely any wind.

Avalanche Details
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Near Miss / Accident Details
Events of the day

Plan was to tour up Troy and go ski ABC shots. Poor decision making and lack of communication resulted in our group of 5 deciding to first ski false troy to access the shoots. We knew from experience that it was often wind slaby but decided to go check it out. Upon arrival it was fairly obvious that it was a slab but our ski cuts led us to believe it could be stable enough to ski. Our first skier didn’t trigger anything after trying to get it to go by jumping and ski cutting every turn. The next skier went down a slightly steeper incline and the whole slope propagated 150ft at about 35-40cm deep. Luckily he was not caught.

The slab was wind loaded on top of an icy crust from a few days prior

Looking back it’s obvious we should have not skied the slope and we were lucky no one was buried or injured.

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