Observation: Douglas Island

Location: Dan Moller Meadows

Route & General Observations

Consistent snow from the parking lot to the cabin on the Dan Moller Trail, but coverage makes it tricky as the trail goes through the forest between the upper and lower meadows. Around 2000ft the snowpack was 30-35cms deep. On average 5cms down is a solid ice layer bridging over the ground cover. This is almost at the surface in previously wind-scoured areas. We observed widespread surface hoar around 1cm tall in all open terrain, often sitting on a light 1cm thick crust. SH was largest and most prevalent in the lower meadows where the snowpack is thin and the meadows are creating a lot of moisture, but was still consistent on all open slopes up to 2000′. We did not go any higher, but I expect it does. Skiing was good in the low-angle meadows but travel on skis on the middle section of the trail is rough.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Sunny, calm, cool.

Snow surface

Surface hoar 5-15mm, light crust immediately below (could not feel with skis, but could pick up).


At 2000ft and below, the snowpack is shallow (<35cm) and locked up. Large SH and a thin crust exist over 5cms of low-density storm snow, above a 5cm thick ice layer. Below this ice layer(s) are facets and large chuncky melt-freeze forms (observed when I tried to kick my boot heel through it). All in all, it's barely enough to cover the roughness of the ground and not much of the vegetation. Skiable.

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