Observation: Douglas Island

Location: Dan Moller Bowl Ridge above Old Tow Rope line

Route & General Observations

Calm winds except at ridges, mostly cloudy, 32-34 degrees. Observed zipper crust, deep drifts, cinnamon rolls below steep
ridges and wind slab (variable conditions) on the approach to bowl above cabin then set skin track in SW part of bowl in vicinity of old tow rope line. Dug a pit at 2300’ N/NW 45 degree slope well below summit near giant rock face, pit depth 2m. Two ICT observations. Column 1, ICT 10 failed to 30cm depth facet but unconsolidated snow. Column 2,
ICT 18 propagated to 50cm depth facet with top 30cm unconsolidated snow sliding. Denser layer at 30-50cm depth much more compact and consolidated.