Observation: Juneau Mainland

Location: Both Perseverance Trailheads, “Sunshine” avalanche path

Route & General Observations

Both entrances to Perseverance Trail look to have been hit by avalanche and landslide. Very large (guessing Relative scale 4 Destructive scale 3) avalanche came down the Sunshine path (where the Mt Juneau trail zigzags the alpine). This avalanche may have been what triggered the landslide at the end of Basin Road, blocking off the other Perseverance trailhead. The debris pile from the Sunshine avalanche has buried much of the first straight away section of perseverance trail and also ran over and past Basin Road. With the deciduous forest buried and debris now filling in all the terrain catchments, future avalanches in this path will be more likely to reach Basin Road. I only took a few quick pictures because I didn’t want to risk being near that runout any longer.

Photos & Video
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