Observation: Douglas Island

Location: Ben Stewart - Wedding Bowl

Route & General Observations

Toured up Wedding Bowl on the track above Porcupine. Found mostly stable conditions in the bowl. Lapped the bowl a couple times, sticking close to the skin track. Took a look at Cropley from the top. Two hand pits at the top of the chute failed on isolation about 20 cms from the surface on a wind slab. Decided to exit wedding bowl.

Skiable to the parking lot.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Low light/visibility improved some into the afternoon. Intermittent light snow. Virtually no wind even near the summit and atop Cropley.

Snow surface

Incredible snow. Lows of powder. Deep.


Dug a pit a little way up the bowl, at Apx. 2400 ft. CT 20 on the Thanksgiving Day Crust. Regular ECT produced no propagation. However, a really hard thump on the shovel (~#35) triggered the TG crust and it propagated clear across the column. There are a couple distinct storm layers closer to the surface, apx. 15cm and 35cm. Those layers were sluffing on steeper shots.

At the top of Cropley Chute, two quick hand pits failed on isolation ~20cms from the surface - under a thin wind slab.

Photos & Video
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