Observation: Douglas Island

Location: Ben Stewart, backside/wedding bowl

Route & General Observations

Up wedding bowl and onto backside of Ben Stewart on both Sunday and Monday. We observed stable snow conditions. Sunday encountered a shallow 5cm of fresh snow on workable crust. On Monday, some small wind slabs and sun effected snow.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Sun! Wind and colder Monday.

Snow surface

Sun: fresh snow on crust+firmer snow.
Monday: north aspects still had loose snow. Ridge and west aspects had wind slab and sun effected snow.


North aspect midway up wedding bowluptrack. 25 degree slope. Dug a little more than a meter down.
5cm fist
2cm knife
15cm 1 finger
1cm knife crust
5cm 1 finger melt freeze
1 cm knife crust
1 finger 5cm
2-3cm pencil crust
30 cm+ 1 finger

Ct 13 7cm
Ct 16 below first knife crust
ECT N 16 at about 25/30 cm

Photos & Video
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