Observation: Juneau Mainland

Location: 400' vert downridge of Icy Gulch junction

Route & General Observations

Booted up the bobsled track that is Mt. Roberts trail with logging boots before switching to ski crampons. Followed the highpoints of the ridge and observed the formation of sun crusts developing on the more westerly aspects, dry and dense windslabs on the NNW aspects and some melted sastrugi that I couldn’t get traction on. Dug a pit below an unavoidable wind deposit blocking the last pitch before Icy Gulch and the results were laughably bad. Upon isolating my extended column an accidental light bump with the shovel from the side was all it took to dislodge the entire slab at 20cm down (ECTPV 20cm). Conditions yesterday were blustery with winds 15-45mph N and temps around freezing. Additionally there are signs of slabs releasing on the southern aspects of Mt. Juneau.

Photos & Video
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