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May 19, 2021
Up through the woods behind the Porcupine Lift. This wet sluff may have intitated with the collapse of wind drifted snow above a rock band. About 25′ wide at the toe and 75′ long. Slope is north facing.  [ Read More ]
May 1, 2021
SFB via Pitman’s Ridge. Air temps in upper 40s mostly cloudy. First turn after chute entrance released substantial wet surface sluff. I was able to exit skiers right of chute to allow debris to travel length of chute. Additional smaller response on slope skiers right of chute. Sluff down to very firm bed surface in  [ Read More ]
Apr 28, 2021
I descended Pittman’s Ridge after the last skier’s post, and wish I’d read his observation first. After noticing heavy sluffing at the start of my descent, I observed the described avalanche from prior post and recognized that I would probably trigger a similar slide if I followed my planned route. Instead, I took the recent  [ Read More ]
3-4″ of new on top of soft, rough spring snow. Up Secret Squirrel Route, Black Bear, Pittman’s Ridge. Good visibility.  [ Read More ]
Apr 25, 2021
5ft crown near the bottom of the chute, seemed like a wet slab from the last couple weeks  [ Read More ]
Took Barrel Roll, hard right on/to Benches, then down Tugboat Alley. My partner took the skier’s left side of Tugboat. I skied the skier’s right side of Jennifer’s.  [ Read More ]
Apr 9, 2021
Showboat, far looker’s left. Other details on following page.  [ Read More ]
Apr 8, 2021
Late afternoon fieldwork. Traveled up the Fish Creek Knob trees from Porcupine. Obvious drifting of snow even before leaving the porcupine area. Difficult to say how hard it was snowing due to the strong SE winds. By the time you gain the meadows, trees have significant scouring and drifts around them. At the base of  [ Read More ]
Apr 4, 2021
I led a group of college students up Mt Meek via the north aspect on Saturday, 4/3. At 2600′ I dug a test pit on a 14 deg. slope and found unreactive snow (ECTX). Snow height was higher there than my 3m probe. The final summit slope was wind effected sastrugi. We skied from the  [ Read More ]
Apr 3, 2021
Turned left at the Troy Saddle to dig on a west aspect knoll that continues off into steeper terrain and towards false Troy. Snow was warming powder on a supportive crust. Lots of roller balls/ debris in steep places. Bigger debris approaching Troy summit, maybe a cornice drop?  [ Read More ]