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Mar 5, 2021
Toured up the NE Shoulder of Fish Creek Knob to around 2500ft. Dug a big ole hole to checkout the persistent weak layers. Identified 3 separate PWLs (all of them facets near a crust layer) down 160cm, 210cm and 250cm. The crust layer at 250cm had the most obvious faceting above it with 5cm thick  [ Read More ]
Feb 28, 2021
Observed on the drive up and from the lift line maze during the short morning break in visibility.  [ Read More ]
Feb 26, 2021
Quick evening tour up Troy. Observed slides reported by Flynn. Observed small soft slab avalanche on Troy face. Snow surface was wind blown above tree line. Snow pits stability tests: inconsistent results but poor structure.  [ Read More ]
As seen from the drive up and the lift.  [ Read More ]
Feb 25, 2021
Deep snow while breaking the trail up in the open areas, while the wind effect from the other day made the skin track a bit slick in the trees. We discussed the recent storms, considerable to high avy conditions, and potential routes down to try to stay off convexities while favoring the lower angled slopes.  [ Read More ]
Smaller slide to the left of the hill caused by a different snow machine group.  [ Read More ]
Very cautious of significant instabilities throughout the region, we picked our way through dense trees to get through the steepest part of our route, and avoided large openings. We found a small opening in the forest and did some stability tests to see how normally safe avalanche terrain might be holding persistent weak layers. The  [ Read More ]
Tour to tree line from Eaglecrest road  [ Read More ]
Feb 22, 2021
This is a post of photos of the slide reported yesterday evening as Saddle Mtn.  [ Read More ]
Just after sunset, observed from Lower Loop Nordic trail. Crown is just below the ridge at 2500’ and is 2’ to 4’ (?) high and maybe 600’ long. Huge plume and big debris pile  [ Read More ]