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Feb 17, 2024
Toured over Troy heading south to Jumbo. Dug a pit on a NE face at 2200 ft. ECTN 27 at 60 cm. CT 13.  [ Read More ]
Feb 16, 2024
Hiked up to the saddle of hogs planning on checking out Box Car but after my pit I decided to just enjoy the snow at a fast clip avoiding any cliffs through the middle. ECT was dug in at roughly 2500′ on a NE aspect similar to what I originally wanted to ski. Glad I  [ Read More ]
Feb 15, 2024
Dug a couple of pits in Dan Moller bowl Thursday mid morning, both at 2000′, one on a south facing and one on a north facing slope, ~38degree slope angles. ECTN 20 and 27 @30cm, respectively. South facing pit: 185cm total snow depth. CT 19 @ 30cm. ECTN20 on same layer.  Fist consistency down to  [ Read More ]
Feb 11, 2024
North Aspect Slope: ~35° Snow temp: -2°C WX: Partly cloudy Pit Depth: 80cm 4F 0cm to 65cm 2F 65cm to 80cm Massive propagation failure at ECTN21 with a depth of 23cm. Failure shot across our entire block. More than likely would have slid if we had picked a steeper angle. We decided to turn around  [ Read More ]
We observed the avalanche from transition meadow below the headwall.  [ Read More ]
Normal skin track up Troy.  [ Read More ]
Feb 10, 2024
Quarry uptrack to NE ridge.  [ Read More ]
Skinned up the showboat skin track. Continued up ridge apx. 100ft to drop into the high point of a line on the backside, “boat show”.  [ Read More ]
Feb 4, 2024
100 cm pit for compression test near the trees at the base of Mt. Troy gullies. Rain in town, warmed up from the blower snowfall. Rain crust forming, air temp 31°F, blowing snow 1-2 cm/hr, S wind 10-15 kts, 5ish miles visibility.  [ Read More ]
Feb 3, 2024
Toured up Troy from ski area.  [ Read More ]