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Mar 28, 2023
A couple more skier triggered slabs and sluffs on Troy. triggered by another group/skier earlier in the day or previous day. Bigger slides appear to be soft wind slabs. Smaller one a sluff.  [ Read More ]
Ski touring the glades around Dan Moller Cabin.  [ Read More ]
Snow machine triggered wind slab avalanche. Witnesses observed rider triggering and then getting clear the slide  [ Read More ]
Skinned up to Bunny Toe Pass then up Ben Stewart. Skied the South facing bowl on the back of Ben Stewart. Gusty Taku winds above tree line.  [ Read More ]
Small hill section to climbers left of summit of Troy on the skin track  [ Read More ]
Traverse from Quarry to Hunter’s Trail. Looking up onto FCK before the corner where you turn left to climb into the North Bowl, aka FredMeyer, the Coffee Pot… 12″ crown, 50′ wide 100′ long. Debris pile 1-2′ deep. Appeared to be fresh this morning.  [ Read More ]
Mar 12, 2023
Sastrugi and signs of wind deposited snow  [ Read More ]
Mar 5, 2023
Accessed Hogsback from the ridge. Very wind affected with occasional gusts around 35mph. Got an ECTN with a failure only occuring after an additional 16 wallops from the shoulder. Layer was 30cm down and consisted of unbounded rounded crystals. No reactivity was felt or seen during 3 laps of Hogsback today.  [ Read More ]
Mar 4, 2023
Normal uptrack then traverse over to upper Slowboat glade. Surface snow starting to get moist on the S to W aspects.  [ Read More ]
Mar 3, 2023
Skinned up the normal Fishcreek uptrack from the quarry. Skied North and South aspects on Fishcreek Knob. Saw some sluffing of the top 3” but no recent avalanche activity. Dug 2 pits on the north aspect, one in a wind sheltered area near tree line and one well above tree line. No propagation in the  [ Read More ]