Avalanche: Douglas Island

Location: Ridge looker's left from Dan Moller Cabin

Route & General Observations

Ski touring the glades around Dan Moller Cabin.

Avalanche Details
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Trigger SnowboarderAvalanche Type Unknown
Aspect NorthElevationunknown
Slope AngleunknownCrown Depthunknown
WidthunknownVertical Rununknown
Near Miss / Accident Details
Number Caught/Carried? 1Number Partially Buried? 1
Number Fully Buried?0Number Injured?0
Number Fatalities?0  
Avalanche Details

Snowboarder triggered a wind slab avalanche, caught and carried. Rider was partially buried. Confirmed in parking-lot the rider was not wearing a beacon. Next stop Vegas.

Events of the day

Our group of 3 skiers witnessed the avalanche from low-angle glades near the Dan Moller Cabin. The snowboarder was extricated by their snowmachining assistant.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

High wind and signs of wind slab.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Bluebird, high winds.

Snow surface

Sastrugi and light powder.

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