Observation: Douglas Island

Location: Lower Bunny Toe, FC Knob

Route & General Observations

Under clear skis and calm conditions, the AASL1 class ascended the regular Knob skin track, then at Lower Bunny Toe dug on a 15 deg. slope, ESE aspect, at apx. 2400′ elevation, SH 150cm. We observed CT easy results on the NS/OS interface 10cms down and no propagation. Although non-reactive, we observed small facets at a crust 30cm down. The turkey day crust is still apparent 70 cm down. On our tour we did not observe any cracking, whumphing, collapsing, or recent avalanches, but we did see widespread graupel. We skied the skin track out, enjoying 10cm of blower.

Adjacent L1 groups digging at Troy Rescue meadow observed surface hoar at the NS/OS interface, but none was observed mid mountain on FC Knob.