Observation: Douglas Island

Location: First above alpine pitch up Ben Stewart

Route & General Observations

Took the regular route behind Porcupine Lift up Ben Stewart and myself and two others dug pits on a 45° north facing pitch right above the bottom of wedding bowl. We got consistent failures at 30cm or so on the rain crust during ECT and CT tests. Additionally one ECT failed at 12 taps at 17cm down before cleaning propagating at the 15th tap. The failure halfway through the new snow deposit seems to have been a result of the low density snowfall earlier last week not bonding well to the new medium density snowfall we received since Saturday. No wumphing was hear but on steeper pitches that mid layer in the new snow could be fractured by skinning above the skin track. Cropley Chute skied well but that upside down deposit of new snow did make things a little catchy.