Observation: Douglas Island

Location: False Troy

Route & General Observations

Toured near Mt Troy and False Troy. Our only red flag observed was above 2400′ where we encountered some isolated pockets of stubborn, wind loaded snow from the previous day’s storm. Most notable observation of the day was propagation on the thanksgiving crust sandwich – see snowpack info.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Recent windloading within last 24 hrs

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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2775ft NW slope at 11:15am
Air temp: -6c
Sky: Few
Wind: calm
No precip

Snow surface

Surface temp: -13c
Wind broken precip particles


Pit location: false troy, NW, 2775', 28deg slope. CTM and CTH in upper 20cm. ECTN. Thanksgiving crust was down 80cm. After not getting a result in our ECT, we elected to perform a PST on the weak layer between the thanksgiving crusts. We were surprised to see this layer propagate to the end of the block on both PSTs we performed (35/100 and 45/100). I'll try linking a video...

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